Reaching New Heights At Norman Wyatt Studio

When I first started in the wall decor publishing business,in 2004, I signed exclusively with a publisher from Vermont. This start allowed my artwork to be seen abroad in retailers and online sales.


From there, a few years later, I left that publisher to work exclusively with a local wall decor company, as an in- house staff artist. They hired me to do the work of two or three artists, having a quota of over 40 new images a month. Although it was very challenging, this demand forced me to dig deeper into my creative inspiration, as well as expanded the range of styles and looks I was able to create.


The beginning of January, 2009, a day less than a year of being with this new publisher, I was laid off. This was an extreme challenge because my career had been moving upward, with more exposure than ever. So, to just stop or go back to past jobs and possibilities wasn’t even an option for me. I always believe in going forward.


After spending time thinking, meditating, and praying, I moved forward. I established Norman Wyatt Studios. I asked God for wisdom in business and the knowledge and ability to negotiate and comprehend contracts. I took a few contacts from the job that laid me off, and reached out to a few companies.


Long story short, after entering the wall decor publishing business in 2004, with one exclusive publisher, today Norman Wyatt Studios has five non exclusive publishing contracts, with a sixth publisher in the works.


It’s a lot of work, and a lot to manage for one person, but my prayers for business wisdom has guided me to efficiently handle what I do. So now, instead of painting 40 plus images for someone else, I paint the 40 plus images a month for my own business.


I have a vision for myself and my family, developing a legacy that is established in passion, diligence, and most importantly, extreme FAITH.


Norman Wyatt Jr.