Norman Wyatt Art Group Connects Artists & Wall Decor Publishing Market

Norman Wyatt Art Group


Great News! I’m excited to report outstanding progress with my business venture The Norman Wyatt Art Group.

Since its founding a year ago, NWAG has connected 13 new artists with the wall decor publishing business.

This is a fantastic opportunity that many artists and graphic designers can tap into and reach the world with their art in the retail decor sector.

Through NWAG, I mentor, art direct, and act as liaison between each artist and the art publishing companies. Most artists in the wall decor business exclusively work with one publisher, which is how I started in 2004. However, I have developed relationships with and currently supply original artwork to multiple publishers simultaneously. This creates additional streams of income from the artwork sold in the market.

Some of the artists I work with have been able to obtain contracts with two to three publishers within their first year working with NWAG.

Whether I search online and reach out to new artists, or I am approached by an artist directly, I try to look at their current portfolio and artistic ability to decide if their work fits or if it can be developed to meet the needs of the wall decor market.

So far, it’s been a great experience and I hope to continue to build a long-lasting relationship with each artist.


Norman Wyatt, Jr.